Half-Nekked Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving! Feliz dia de gracias!
Big belly, unbuttoned pants and a turkey to blame.
(And the diet starts tomorrow)
I'm thankful for my friends, my family, food on my table, the roof over my head, the clothes on back, my job that provides for me, my health, my car, my quasi-beau, and so much more. Hopefully you got a chance to list the things you're thankful for and to remember that it could always be so much worse. Thanks to the armed forces fighting for our freedom, another thing I'm grateful for. HHNT.
And, let's not forget, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, CRUSTY!!!


fyrchk said...

DD is going to fall in love. That is all.

Itchy said...

Happy Thanksgiving Randi!

PS - I don't see a big belly...the hot one must be in the way! ;)

Osbasso said...

I think I recognize a similar belly when I look down. Not the sexy undies, though.

Regal said...

Great body - HHNT

exile said...

and i'm grateful for thanks giving dinner and all the trimmmings

speaking of trimming, i like the little "sneak peak" the lacy undies give


Shora said...

you, my dear, are curvy, not big. Curvy, good. Sticks, not so much.


Sassy One said...

My fetish for panties drew me right to the sexy-cute pair you have on. Love them (from what I can see of course!).

Happy Thanksgiving

Super said...

How have I managed to miss your blog all this time, yummy photos, very very nice..

js said...

big is when you cant see the bb ring anymore!!
very sexy

Macca said...

I see London.
I see France.
I see Randi's hot underpants.