Haiku T.G.I.Friday

Another week done
Kitty's birthday on Sunday
Brunch is my sole plan
Gotta quit candy
Halloween is on my hips
Not 5 o'clock yet?
Happy hour is calling me
Fat Tire's so yummy!
kitty & i doing what we do best circa '98ish


Coodence said...

well played on the five
syllable word in today's
haiku offering!

and weekends with no
plans? what could be better, dude!
you deserve a rest.

thanks for the birthday
props and telling your friends to
visit my bloggage!!


ceedee said...

Fat Tire....miss it already! Tip one out for me!

Dark Damian said...

Weekends are the shit.
Tomorrow I have to go
To some soccer games.

Dallas Mavericks suck.
No they don't, girl - I'm just mad
They lost to the Spurs.

Could you BE more cute?
Everytime I see a pic
I smile and say "Awww".

I've been losing weight
With my new ADD meds.
Concerta is great!

Buzz said...

Hugs introduced me to Fat Tire just over a year ago. It's brewed in Colorado, so she's known about it forever.

It's God's nectar I tell you. The best flavor ever.


Shora said...

OMG!!!!!! You're wearing overalls and a tank top! Ask anyone that knows me, it's my signature outfit. I love you!!!

Happy weekend sweetie... xo

Sassy One said...

Lots of fall birthdays
Celebrating is my plan
Hangin with my girls.

Maybe some dancing
can get Halloween candy
off my bucket ass.