UPDATE: Britney to divorce Kevin! She's mine, people! All mine!
Not much to say today other than my PSA to remember to go and vote today. For a long time I didn't vote because I didn't want to go to jury duty. In hindsight, that's about the dumbest shit I've ever done. That's followed closely by the dumbest excuse I've ever heard: I don't vote. That doesn't make you cool. I think about my brother who has a felony on his record. He can never vote. Ever. I have to wonder what would happen if everyone that felt they didn't need to exercise their right to choose who's calling the shots in this great land of ours actually took the half an hour out of their day and headed to the polls. Your boss has to give you time to vote, why not take that time out of the office and put it to good use? There's really no excuse... other than laziness and ignorance. And those aren't good excuses.
And tonight I'm going to my first ever election party. Boss Man is running for City Council and invited all of us ragamuffins here in the office to dinner tonight. Should be neat. I'm in no position to turn down a free meal on a Tuesday. I wonder if we'll bid the Governator adieu...
Other than that, SSDD. School is like a vampire, slowly sucking the life out of me 2 nights a week. Last night I found a new parking lot on campus but after class I couldn't find my car and a security guard actually mocked me because of it. Even made the "dur duh dur" sound. Nice.
Sorry, readers. I'm just not interesting today.


Sassy One said...

Never under-estimate how interesting (and entertaining) hearing about someone making the "dur duh dur" sound is.

CP said...


You scooped my ass! How'd ya get the news before me.

Dayum. If you weren't so cute I'd bitchslap you. But, you'd probably consider that foreplay.


Rhys said...

You tell 'em Randi!

Shora said...

is the "dur duh dur" sound an American thing? I don't think I know that one. I'm so Canadian eh?

Politics? Not touching that one.

Sassy One said...

You can have Britney, I want Angelina!