Bundled Up Thursday

With the wind blowing like a mo-fo last night, stimulating my snot glands to do their business, the last thing I wanted to do was take a picture of myself. Half-nekked or otherwise. Yes, I the Californian would like to give a little rant about the cold last night. It was cold. Damn cold. Mind you, the thermostat in Vehicular read a mere 52 degrees but the wind was blowing a good 100 mph and I'm factoring in my own wind chill and figure it felt like negative 52. SHUT IT! It's my blog and I can say whatever I want! Some of my very best friends live on the right coast so they always like to one-up me on how the weather out there is so much worse but I don't live there. So there.
A little known fact about my company is that the local police department trains their K-9s in our warehouse. They stash drugs and the dogies get 'em. How cool is that? I would have liked to have seen it first hand after closing time last night but I had a class to attend.
Oh, class. I'm sure glad I sacked up and went even though I wanted to see K-9s and have bronchitis. It was review day so I got to write all about my teacher and how much I dislike her and the way she teaches class. Happy happy. Joy joy.
After class I sped home to find comfort underneath my warm blankies and drift off to dreamland thanks to a hardy dose of NyQuil. Then I woke up this morning to take a refreshingly warm shower only to find out that the wind had blown away the heat, this is according to my apartment manager who don't really speak-a da English. Taking an ice cold shower is NOT the way I want to start a work day. I'll tell you that right now. Sons of bitches.
Other than that, SSDD. Hope ya'll have a good one.

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Sassy One said...

The cold weather is blowin' in here too...making things 'pokey'.