I don't think it's any secret that I've harbored somewhat of a school-girl crush on Ms. Spears for some time now. She's hit very high highs and very low lows but somehow she's carved a little niche in my heart. I was as happy as anyone when she ditched Kevin Federline. Now, however, she's crossed a line and I don't know if I'm going to be so willing to let her back in. She's hanging out with Parasite Hilton and it's eating me alive. Yesterday I was at home with this stupid illness all day so rather than do my research papers or something productive, I did a lot of blog searching and spent a lot of time on tmz.com and Pink Is The New Blog. Link clicking, which you can do yourself as I won't do it here, brought me to a shot of Britney's cookie - as bald as her newborn Jayden James' ass, C-section scar visible and all. I mean, who wears a mini skirt and gets out of a car, showing her vagina to the world? A mother of two younguns? I should hope not. I understand she's only 24 and Lord knows all girls want to do at that age is have fun, but damn, woman. They're called "private parts" for a reason. Ditch that Hilton whore like you did that gold digging man of yours. And for God's sake, kick the ciggy butt habit, sober up, spit that fucking wad of gum out of your mouth once and for all and cover those ginormous milk sacks of yours. Clean up your act or Fed-Ex is going to start looking like the more responsible parent and he'll take those kids of yours away. This is tough love. Show me what you're working with, Britney. Gyrate with a snake or something. Damn.


Itchy said...

I saw that yesterday and I actually thought of you!

I told my husband last night that the judge is going to have to just flip a coin. Kids go to K-Fed or a Paris hanger on...either way it doesn't look good.

Coodence said...

Milk sacks. hahahahaha.

Buzz said...

I've been soo terribly anxious to peep Brits cookie, and now it's come to fruition and I'm all smiles.

What we need next is a nipple slip or three and I'll be happy.

She'll be ok, she just needs to party a bit and things will settle out.



Macca said...

Doesn't look like exposed pusswah to me. Looks like undies.

Rhys said...

Hee!!!! That about burned my eyes out! How could she not realize she's doing it so MUCH? Is it on purpose? Does she have some kind of pathological need...???

Dark Damian said...


This is just sad. You know what this is, folks? This is Britney, trying to remain relevant. When was the last time she put out an album? What were its sales in comparison to its predecessors? Even when she was with Deadbeat, she was working hard to keep some semblence of relevance - remember their TV show? No? Me neither.

Paris Hilton is a media whore. There's no better way to be seen than to be with her. Britney ain't dumb - I think she knows that, musically, she's already peaked, unless she can pull a Madonna and reinvent herself somehow in the future. For now, though, she's gotta stay in those bright lights somehow.

JJ said...

I sincerely hope Britney ignores your advice and keeps those milksacks out in the open. I also hope she continues to show off her ladyparts. These are the little things in life that make me happy.