Oh, yes. I finally got there. Hetero Life Partner and I took in a matinee of the Borat movie. I do not have the inclination to spell out the lengthy title at this juncture. Hilarity ensued. My admiration for Sacha Baron Cohen is epic. His commitment to this character is admirable. My sentences? Choppy at best. I'm not exactly how to put into words my movie going experience. I can definitely say I laughed my ass off at parts and my mouth hung agape at others. This movie doesn't make Kazakhstan look bad, it makes Americans look bad. Perhaps that is an overstatement. It makes "The Heartland" look bad. Oh, middle America, how I pity thee. The Midwesterners he captures on film are ignorant, homophobic, racist bible bangers at best. I left the theater glad I was born and raised and reside in Southern California, where tolerance and acceptance of alternative lifestyles run rampant. I'm glad HLP had free passes for this viewing because I might have been disappointed had I paid to see it. Not to minimalize the movie, but it could have easily been an HBO special. I don't want to say too much because the shock value is half the fun. So, if I were Ebert or Roeper, I'd give it 2 thumbs up.
And before I forget (as I've completely neglected the fact all day) Happy Veteran's Day. My father and both grandfathers were military men and I'm so grateful that they believed in our country enough to serve it. I may not be a supporter of the war we are fighting but I support our troops 100% and pray they all return home safely. Thank you, ladies and gentlemen in the service. My gratitude is immeasurable.


Buzz said...

The Midwest isn't all bad... That's where I grew up!

They are a little homophobic, racist, and religious though...

Macca said...

I saw "Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan" on Friday. It's just as you describe it. I was laughing and at the same time covering my wide-open mouth as I watched.

In 10 days that fucker has almost grossed $68 mill. Assuming that the movie itself cost about as much as my shitty car to make, it's definitely a winner.

Shora said...

I took the family on Saturday, my 12 year old loved it. Am I a bad mother? I loved it too. Laughed my ASS OFF!