New Blog Haiku Friday

I love having plans
And this weekend's full of 'em
Man, I'm popular
Crusty is in town
So we'll bar-b-que tonight
Nephew will be there!
Saturday culture
A day at the museum
With Study Buddy


Coodence said...

Yay for having plans!
Neat new black blog with scury!
Finally Friday!!!

exile said...

the new blog is tits
and has a sexy belly
just like our Randi

btw, i just thought of a joke

Q: What do strip clubs full of old men and museums have in common

A: they're full of old bones

Sassy One said...

Lovin the new blog
no wonder you're popular
do you put out too?

I kid.
Have a good one!

Dark Damian said...

One more Friday gone.
Tomorrow night is my gig.
Why won't you be there?

HNT was hot.
Sexy belly, with that ring
How come you so fly?

Sounds like you've got plans.
Make sure that you save some time
For your pretty self.