Case of the Mondays

Today marks Day Two of hangover suffering thanks to some over-imbibing of wine on a virtually empty stomach on Saturday night. However, if you're looking for a delicious snack I would like to recommend the Sweet 'n' Salty Caramel Crunch Chex Mix. Polished off a bag like it was nothing during said drinking spree but it really doesn't come close to substituting an actual dinner. No ma'am.
The Exorcist is a terrifying movie. The sequels blow super hard.
I was highly disappointed in the Flavor of Love Reunion Show last night. I wanted to see more of Deelishis and less of New York. Turns out that nappy-weaved bitch is getting her own dating show now though so we get to see even more of her mentally unstable ass. "I Love New York." Any man that would sign up for that show after witnessing her shenanigans is asking for trouble.
I attempted to do homework over the weekend but I just don't think I was destined to do it. Went down to the LACMA (see pics below for proof) but the exhibit we needed to see was closed. Then I really did try to do my other project but the hangover got the best of me and I spent the afternoon curled in a ball on my love seat and watched another DVD of Arrested Development instead.
And in conclusion, I didn't get a pumpkin to carve this year and I'm very disappointed in myself. Instead I painted my nails orange and put black spider webs on my middle fingers to at least get into the mood. Dressing up tomorrow? I'm still undecided.


Maine said...

Tippin' a 40.

I got a pumpkin this year and carved it up in like 8 minutes. That was way less effort than I expected, and I absolutely expected to be on the "no carving" train with you.

What I really wanted to say was about the "Flavor of Love." That's a hard show to watch. First, because Chuck D is probably rolling over in his grave because of the mud his Public Enemy legacy is being dragged through. Second? That show is a parade of really effed up people finding each other. Effed up people need help; not cameras, encouragement and similarly effed up comic foils.

Sassy One said...

Yeh..I'm dressing up tomorrow..for the kids. So I have to leave the naughty nurse outfit for another day I guess.

Shora said...

My son and I carved 5 pumpkings, so we've gotcha covered.


Shora said...

Pumpkings? D'oh.

hotdrwife said...

I watched the last episode of Flavor of Love. My God. Such a train wreck. Ever so addicting.

And I heard on the radio he's gonna be a daddy - what is that about?