Friday afternoon we kicked off our weekend with a new brewery in Ventura called Madewest. I wasn't overly impressed but the red rye was quite tasty. To me, if you're going to do the brewery thing, the first beer I smell shouldn't smell like I popped a Budweiser for my Gran. Stand out.
 Saturday morning Christa decided she was ready to go to the pool only that's for 
Disneyland and it's not even very warm out.
 I decided to look more like myself and lose the "long" hair.
 Husband was on call so I hit the mall.
 And accidentally got the kids toys from Build-a-Bear.
 And let them ride a big mall ride.
 Sunday Uncle came to make us a new fence before they paint our house
so the cousins came over to play and meet Mabel. 
It's a beauty!
 My bossy girl relatives made me draw Princesses with chalk.
 Don't look directly into those soul stealing eyes.
And when everyone was gone the picture above summed up how all of us felt. A week of unemployment and I'm still exhausted after a weekend with my kids. Go figure.


Phoned In Haiku Friday

Just under the wire
But I can't miss a haiku
Cuz I'm not working
This first week flew by
Got lots of things in order
Here on the homestead
Handlin' da bidness
Only two more weeks to go
Still so much to do


Weekend Pics

You can see so many on my flickr but here are the phone shots.
 Saturday morning Betty as a baby time.
 Fishing at Jan's with Dad
 Cornhole while waiting for Dad to fill the Growlers at Figueroa Mountain
 Feeding Jan's Goats
 Not just tineh ponehs, but baby tineh ponehs
 My love
 Future Derby Girl
 Casey's too cool to smile so I had to tickle him for this. 
 Solvang means kids in a hug clog.
 These 2 are figuring it out.
 But if you ask Gaga, she is not a fan of dogs.
Mabel Baby is so small. 
When she's not sleeping, she isn't still enough to photograph.


Haiku Friday

Well, it's official!
I'm the Customer Service 
Manager. Woohoo!
I'm starting Mid-May
It's been a helluva week
Patience is stresful
Just feel so grateful
For the network I've nurtured
Glad I've got good friends


Kids and Puppies

It's a sad day. Prince died. Let's clear our palates. 


Tuesday Musings

On Saturday morning, my mom and I went shopping and I was able to get essentially a brand new wardrobe. I'd gone up about two sizes since the last time I went shopping and didn't realize how demoralizing it was to look into a stuffed closet full of clothing that simply wasn't wearable. After spending hours and many dollars, I came home and basically pulled out anything that wasn't flattering or fitting and replaced them with my new duds. I can't tell you how gratifying it was on Sunday morning to open that closet and know everything fits. What a boost to the ego. I felt better in the clothing and my mood definitely improved. Also, while shopping, I resigned myself to the fact that I am now in "women's" sizes and that made the whole thing so much more tolerable and enjoyable. Trying to convince yourself that your size matters is exhausting.

Last week I had my interview and it went quite well. For an hour, I detailed the ins and outs of my current position to the President and Vice President. I was told they would get back to me early next week and yesterday morning the President called to offer me the position pending his calls to my references. Because I was referred to him by a trusted colleague at their sister plant and came armed with a glowing letter of recommendation, I am 100% confident that my references will not be an issue. He essentially told me this offer was "in the bank." My current salary will be met so that's absolutely perfect. They are also aware of the flexibility I will need due to the fact that I am the mother of two little ones and are absolutely fine with it. He talked a lot about potential not only for growth, but quick advancement. When we hung up, I may have screamed a lot and danced around. I may have been actually glowing because I felt so happy and proud and great.

This whole month has reeked of cliches like "out with the old and in with the new" or "you get back what you put out." Honestly, I'm living the "close one door and another one opens" life right now. Sometimes I feel so anxious about everything going so well. It's almost as though I am afraid something terrible will happen to balance it all out again. Yesterday I got in the car to meet my mom for lunch and when the radio came on "Isn't She Lovely" was playing. That was the song dad and I danced to at my wedding and whenever it comes on, I feel like he's reminding me he's there. My guardian angel. It's all working out and I would like to think he has a lot to do with it. I hope this winning streak continues and that it is infectious.


Weekend Pics In No Particular Order

 Christa and Dada love the wowows.
 Puppy Love
 Date night! 
 She can't get enough of the "cute puppy" who she calls "Meemaw"
 LOL at how mean I am. But potty training is great! 
 Air Force one with Friends
 Straight wreaking havoc.
 Warm weekend! Cooling off mama's toe toes.
 Trying to snatch the camera.
Eating Cheetos in the nude in the afternoon sunshine. Living the life.