Movie Review

Husband took Casey down to the airport on Saturday to pick up my in-laws so I decided to take my mom and Christa to see The Secret Life of Pets. I saw the previews but other than that, I had no preconceived notion of what this movie was about. Since Christa loves animals, it just seemed like a good movie to take her to. The story is about an apartment building in New York, full of pets, and what said pets do when their owners are gone for the day. Max, a cute pup voiced by Louis CK, and his new shelter dog "brother", Duke, are the main characters. Max is not stoked when Duke comes home and there's a bit of an alpha dog struggle that ends up with the two of them separated from their owner and on the lam from the dog catcher.
I will say, this movie got a little bit dark and may have been a bit too much for my wee two-year old. She liked the pets a lot but got a bit antsy when the "flushed pets" in the sewer and the alley cats became the focus. Much like her brother, she seems to be quite sensitive to conflict and bad guys. The story was very cute and it was such a treat to hear Dana Carvey as the voice of a crippled old doggie. The animals were all quite lovable and fun but I can't say I'd tell you to rush right out and see this in the theater. New York plays its own character so that was very enjoyable; I just love that city. However, my favorite part of the whole movie is when Duke and Max gorge on hot dogs to the song from Grease. It's hilarious.
(Three generations right there)


Weekend Pics

 Dude, Casey is so tan. And that Guy Fieri hair is TOO MUCH! Haha
 Trying new things with Tutti's hair
 My ladies
 Feeding the "ducks" which are actually terrifying geese.
Me & My Girl. This is my summer hat. Thanks, MIKE & BFF!


Haiku Friday

In-Laws are coming
Casey is so excited
Should be a good time
No camp for a week
No Maria for Christa
No carpool for me
I hope the heat wave
Doesn't make us all bonkers
Summertime Sunshine


Book Review

I always like book review time on the blog because I look back to the last book I read - in this case in DECEMBER - and get washed over in shame realizing how long it's been since I've read a book. In my defense, for Christmas my mother bought me a Kindle despite the fact I did not want one. I loaded it with Haruki Murakami's 1Q84 sometime in January and there it sat until I finally surrendered to the electronic reader and began it I think last month. Boy is it a doozy now that I'm into it (and I'm deep into it) but I am only half way through the 1184 page tome so no review yet.
All of that brings us to The BFG by Roald Dahl. On the last day of kindergarten, my mom brought Casey to see Finding Dory and at the theater they handed out a sample of this book. I, not realizing it was only a sample, began reading it to Casey one chapter a night. When we finally figured out there was much more to the story than was given to us, we rushed right out to buy this book because I simply had to know how it ended. I'm pretty surprised that I never read this book because Roald Dahl was kind of a big deal when we were growing up. The more I think about it, though, I think I only ever actually read James and the Giant Peach and The Witches.
Almost exactly a month to the day after we started reading, sticking more or less to the chapter a night unless we didn't read at all, we finished The BFG. I'm quite proud of this because illustrations are minimal yet Casey was deeply into it. He's never been one to sit quietly and be read to, but he was actually eager to listen to this story. He also insisted we go and buy Charlie and the Chocolate Factory right away which we'll start tonight. We've not even started that one and he's already talking about wanting to read Matilda. Good stuff.
The BFG is about an orphan who wakes up to see a giant snooping in windows. He sees her watching him, kidnaps her, and takes her off to the land where he and nine other man-eating giants live. BFG is not a fan of eating "human beans" so he and Sophie the orphan hatch a plan where they plant a dream in the Queen of England's sleep and recruit her to stop the other nine giants. It's a very silly story with lots of talk about farts and burps but it's also quite dark at times considering there are man-eating giants as the main plot line. BFG speaks in a very nonsensical way that Casey really enjoyed and hung on to despite being practically impossible to understand. While I enjoyed this book, it didn't really have a fairy tale quality to it that I wanted. The descriptiveness was thorough and rich but maybe I just got too hung up on BFG's gibberish and found it distracting. The build up was clever but the resolution was sort of anticlimactic in a way. I will admit, though, in reading the very last few lines, my heart did feel that magical tingle.


Weekend Pics

 Selfie with Christine (Not too many/enough of these!)
 The Last Supper (ha!) before they headed back north.
 Kiddos post park
 Date night at Ojai Beverage Company
 Dessert at Boccali's (a.k.a. the place I'm pretty sure where we fell in love)
 Sissy pretending to be a pirate
 Real life Helpful Honda people!
 Casey post pospicle
Talk about the dog days of summer. Lazy bitches.


Haiku Friday

Such a fun summer
But I think I have fatigue
And need a wee break
I miss the old days
Of living alone, no kids
No husband either
Pajamas all day
Reading and watching my stuff
Silence, solitude



This morning I stopped at my favorite local liquor store to pick up a bottle of beer to gift my coworker on his birthday. I love this place, which I shan't name here because I've been sworn to secrecy in regards to this occasion - because there is always a huge selection of IPAs. I go in almost every pay day and buy an assortment for Husband and myself so I've made friends with the owner and a couple of the guys that man the shelves and registers. This liquor store has been around since I was a kid and one of the boys I dated used to stock shelves.
As I was checking out with a bottle of Modern Times, the owner asked if I'd grabbed the can of coffee they were making. I hadn't heard of it but he said it was very popular so I helped myself to a couple cans. While I was checking out, I regaled him of our trip to Petco Park and how many awesome beers they had on tap and how we couldn't help but get drunk on such an awesome selection in such heat. He went on to reminisce about a Sierra Nevada event and threw the name "Pliny" in there. I told him how that's like the Holy Grail for Husband and our pals because we never see it anywhere.
He kind of leaned in and told me that he carried it but it wasn't on the shelves. He never advertises it and only mentions it to people he really likes. I guess it costs him a pretty penny to send the guys up there and they're only allotted a certain quantity so he didn't want to sell it to just anyone who might dare complain about the price or the quality. Well, I guess I'm one of those special people because after he swore me to secrecy he sold me two bottles and I think would have sold me more had I asked. It's sort of fun to be involved in this weird little secret society. I'm deeply smitten with the Mike Hess Habitus Double IPA so they've gone out of their way to stock it for me. The guys always go out of their way to recommend something new and I'm never disappointed. It's nice having friends in high places.