Weigh In Wednesday

Weight: 199.2
Down .4 since last week, 23.8 overall. This week I recommitted to "sobriety" Mondays through Thursdays. I had been drinking during the week and snacking after dinner and it's time to cut that out. I'm two days in and pretty proud of myself. I have my salads for Tuesday through Friday at work so hopefully I can see a bit more of a loss by next Wednesday because I'd like to be down at least a pound or two in September after not losing at all in August. I should also probably pay more attention to what I am eating on the weekends. Monday was all about a giant cheeseburger because after I donated blood, I think I got a bit anemic. I have 9.2 lbs to lose to be back to my goal weight that looks something like this:
This was 9 years ago today at my brother's wedding.

Lifetime Steps: 4,070,928
That's 78,059 since last week which averages out to 11,151 steps a day. I was not consistent with hitting my goal this week because I donated blood on Friday morning and had weird side effects until Tuesday more or less. I did have a nice 18-day streak going until Friday though! On Monday, I skipped my lunch time walk but Christa invited me on an after dinner walk and I finally felt well enough so we went and now my butt is officially back in gear.
Friday - short by 3,344 (no walk)
Saturday - short by 57 (no walk)
Sunday - short by 459 (no walk)
Monday - short by 714 (after dinner stroll with the girl)

Frame of Mind
I gotta admit, I'm a little bummed about how my benevolent gesture of donating blood on Friday turned so sour so quickly. I used to donate all the time in my twenties with no side effects but I guess I am old now so my body turns on me more quickly. Friday night I was exhausted afterwards and ended up asleep by like 9 p.m. I'm talking not able to keep my eyes open tired. On Saturday, we did the beach cleanup for an hour before I got so dizzy I had to actually lie down at the park. I missed Casey's soccer game because I was so tired I needed a two hour nap. When I woke up I had weird tingling in my fingers, like pins and needles, so I ended up in the Urgent Care after talking to the nurse hotline. I'm going to have a blood panel done after I meet with my primary physician next Wednesday. We can check my iron levels, my thyroid and maybe check for pre-diabetes because my uncle was recently diagnosed and my frequent urination is a symptom so I'm naturally paranoid now. Honestly, I pee like twice an hour. It's nuts.
Other than these random bouts of tingly fingers and dizziness, I feel pretty good. I'm beyond excited to go to Disneyland on Monday and it's all consuming. Our matching tee shirts arrived and they are so cute! We have a fun weekend ahead with soccer and cousin visits and a sleepover at BFF's while the boys go to football. I recently bought some "large" underwear because my XLs were getting too big. Today I am swimming in a shirt I haven't worn in some time and that makes me laugh.


Weekend Pics

 We participated in Coastal Cleanup Day.
 We collected 1.85 pounds of trash in an hour.
 Then we celebrated Oktoberfest at Poseidon with pretzel necklaces.
 We also got matching boots.
 And some currywurst. It was like Berlin all over again.
 Casey found this rock when we were cleaning.
 It's pretty neat people do this.
 Sunday morning lap status.
 These two are thick as thieves.
 Then Husband threw a telephone pole.
And some more heavy stuff. Highland Games are coming.


Muppets Haiku Friday

Here's my wee album
That I loved so much
Like the TV show
Music, comedy and love
Came alive on stage
Kermit and Piggy
And all my felt covered friends
Amazingly great


Weigh In Wednesday

Weight: 199.6
Down 1.2 since last week and 23.4 overall. I'm trending toward trying harder again in regards to food choices. Meal prepping is becoming a priority again. I had pondered a sober September but that has not happened other than not drinking this past Monday, and maybe last week but I don't remember honestly. Maybe Sober October just for rhyming sake. Really, I'd just like to get back to the no beer Monday through Thursday. There's always next week. I really want to get down to my drivers license weight of 190 but for some reason that number seems 100 years away.

Measurements: (Now vs. November 2016) - Down 11.5" total
Arms - 14" (maintaining)
Bust - 40" (down 4")
Waist - 37" (down 2")
Hips - 42" (down 3")
Thighs - 24.5" (down 2.5")

Lifetime Steps: 3,992,869
That's 97,138 since last week which averages out to 13,877 steps a day. My best day was this past Saturday when I had a yard sale, a soccer game and a night at the Hollywood Bowl: 17,721. Not sure how I can earn that 20K steps in a day badge but it is a goal. I have hit or exceeded my steps every day since Monday August 28 (16-day streak!). I'm making a concerted effort to make this bracelet buzz even if it means night time walks with Christa in the stroller. Can't stop won't stop.

Frame of Mind
Things are pretty good around these parts. I had an optical migraine yesterday that kind of threw me for a loop and woke up this morning with an oddly swollen eye but otherwise I feel like I'm in good health. Things have been plenty busy lately. I don't know why I'm still surprised by this but I wonder where day of chilling in my pajamas went. Now it's work and back-to-school nights and soccer games and homework and family outings and visits with friends and the next thing you know a month has passed.
I feel like it's time to set some goals and make some to-do lists. Last year I managed to lose weight during the holidays and now they are rapidly approaching so I need to prepare for that. I keep talking about mixing up my exercise routine to include more than walking but I have yet to do that. I have a garage I'd like to get in order and after hauling out a bunch of crap for last weekend's yard sale, I'd like to refocus on de-cluttering and re-organizing our house. Stuff like that. Fall cleaning? Sure.


Weekend Pics

Did okay at the yard sale so we cut it short so I could watch Casey play. 
 Miss Deanna and I "prom" posed before the Muppets.
I'll do a whole post on that whole experience later.
 Hit the brewery then cheered Ang on at the boob walk!
 Think pink! 
 Smooshed faces
 Because they never just let me sit.
For just a few cents a day, you can feed these sad, starving pooches.


Haiku Friday

Fun weekend ahead!
Big ol' yard sale at my mom's
For Disneyland cash
Muppets at the Bowl
Date night without the hubby
A ladies night out
On Sunday for the Boob Walk
And for friends and beer


Book Review

I was really on a roll reading and I didn't know what to read next so I stared at my bookshelf full of unread books and I saw The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time. That title had just been a clue on Jeopardy! and I have no idea how I acquired the book so I figured I would give it a shot simply based on the fact that the book was there and was a clue. The spine sleeve had given me some cause for agitation for some time as it sat on my shelf because that dog is upside down (because it is dead) and it just didn't sit right with my OCD. Anyhow, this book is about an autistic young man named Christopher who finds his neighbor's dog dead on the lawn. The neighbor lady thinks he killed it with the garden fork so he sets out to solve the mystery of who actually did in order to clear his name. His teacher told him it would be a good idea to write a book about it. During his investigation, Christopher learns some things about his parents that were not as they seemed and these revelations end up taking him on a bit of a journey. If not muddled with all the distracting thoughts thanks to autism, this story may have only been about a chapter or two long. However, the author apparently worked with autistic individuals when he was a young man and wanted to express in a novel how very different (and exhausting) their thought process is. I think if you are more patient than I am, this is a very original and interesting take on narration. However, as I reached the end of this 220-page book full of math equations and doodles and drawings and drawn-out explanations, I suppose I was expecting a bit more of a payoff. That said, it did tie together nicely and I feel like a different perspective was something I walked away with. I'm just not sure that you have to read this.