Weigh In Wednesday

Weight: 210 (maybe 209?)
We're looking at about 13 total pounds lost and maybe 1 or 2 since last week. This one is tricky because I was not at home to weigh myself on my scale. My mom's scale said I was 205 and that is RAD but likely untrue. I give it a margin of 4-5 pounds error seeing as on Monday I weighed myself at home and it said 211 but her house said 206 on Tuesday morning. I'll check again tomorrow.

Lifetime Steps: 1,905,638
That's 88,861 since last week for an average of 12,694/day. I have hit or exceeded 10k every day since last Tuesday. Saturday was a whopping 16,106 which is just 208 steps shy of my best day, March 10. I am really liking the new walk route with the incline and can really feel it in my legs and butt.

Frame of Mind
Things are good. Work seems to have leveled off. I am not thrilled that I was unable to meal prep because of the tenting and staying at my mom's but shit happens. We'll get back on that horse hopefully tomorrow and next week. Considering all the home upheaval, I have handled things very well. My period just ended and honestly things are usually much worse with my temper and anxiety. I should be reading a book but instead I got sucked into all this news about Russia and wire taps and what have you. Need to do better with the media consumption.

Me at my heaviest
 Me this morning
 I think my face looks thinner so I was trying that out
May be time for some size 14s! My shirts are huge, too.


My First Podcast

Husband has been listening to podcasts for as long as I can remember. I think it started on his commutes to and from San Diego when he was working down there. Every time he'd come home he would regale me with recaps of the podcasts he'd listened to. It got to a point where I asked he not use that word any more and just call them interviews. He'd recommend I listen on my own but I simply didn't unless I was with him on a long car ride. Many of my friends kept recommending podcasts for me to listen to but, per usual, I dragged my butt and ended up on the late train. I fear technology. Ask my Kindle that is currently gathering dust.
That weekend I was in BFF's yard, she told me about the Missing Richard Simmons podcast and I had just seen an article about it so I decided to give it a go based on her recommendation. I know, Christine and Andrea (and Husband), you've been trying to talk me into podcasts forever. I am sorry you were not the ones to turn me. Ha! I had my coworker show me how to put them on my phone and I began listening to them on my lunch walk. It has been a great change since my walk playlist was feeling a bit repetitive.
I have seen different articles talking about how this podcast was exploitative but I disagree. I grew up when Richard Simmons was a huge celebrity. Sweating to the Oldies and all that jazz. He was sort of omnipresent, on talk shows and what have you. Everyone knew who he was, even dressed up like him for Halloween. The podcast came about because in 2014, after being a very visible and involved celebrity, Simmons disappeared from the public eye and cut off communications with nearly everyone in his life. His friend Dan decided to attempt to track him down despite the fact that Simmons very clearly decided to seclude himself.
I found the interviews to be very respectful of Richard Simmons. I laughed often and really had strong feelings of sympathy and empathy most of the time. While tabloid stories were woven into the tapestry of the story, I didn't get the feeling that this podcast was trying to be scandalous. There were no dark secrets revealed and I didn't find the stories told to be an invasion of privacy. Listening to people whose lives had been changed thanks to Richard Simmons was very touching. The insight into the lives of overweight people quite eye opening. I won't spoil the ending for you but I will say I definitely enjoyed and recommend this six-episode journey that popped my podcast cherry.


Weekend Pics

 Coldstone on Saturday after crazy yard work
 Sunday was the St. Baldrick's Head Shaving Fundraiser
 Casey as a bald old man
 Daddy as a bald old man (ha!)
After a nap, I took a walk and came back to Husband and Christa painting in the yard. I wanted to paint him like one of his French women. LOL
Mabel watching dogs on AFV


Haiku Friday

A cat in our bush
The dogs couldn't scare it out
Betty's eye got scratched
Animal control

Came and took its dying ass
A car had hit it
What a nice story
To end a shitacular
Week full of bullshit

***How did I know that cat was in a bush on the side of my house you ask? Well it is because I was over there checking sprinklers and realized someone stole the little temple of my Gran's that had been on the side of my house or in her yard for decades. I legit do not understand what I did to deserve all the broken things in my house, a dying cat, termites, children with colds and now this but I applaud myself for not losing my shit. I think those two beers last night and binge eating chicken tacos really helped. Happy St. Patrick's Day. Amen.


Weigh In Wednesday

Weight: 211
That's down 2.8 since last week and 12 overall. I'm 11 pounds from my goal and have 8 weeks until I turn 40. I think I'm on track to hit 200 by then. We'll see! I am able to take my jeans off without unbuttoning or unzipping them and my shirts are in a billowy stage. The best thing about this is that I'm literally on the cusp of my period and I am bloated and still down. Since I totally dropped the Lent ball and absolutely did not give up beer, I have modified my evenings. I now try to stick to a smaller dinner portions, a small glass of wine and no snacking after dinner Monday through Thursday. I think we're on week two of that and it seems to be working. I just need to keep Husband from sneaking me a second pour. He loves keeping me "happy" I guess. Ha!

Lifetime Steps: 1,816,777
That's 78,122 since last week which averages out to be 11,160 steps a day. Saturday I was shy 441 steps, Sunday 3,619 and Monday 1,088 otherwise I had a couple days that were 4,000 and 6,000 over. Sunday I got a pedicure and we had a lot of driving time so I could sit and sip beers and soak up the sun in BFF's yard. I do not regret it one bit because I felt so refreshed. Monday I didn't walk at work because I had to go grocery shopping and prep our salads that I totally blew off this weekend. However, I did try to walk at the park while the kids played. I think that's okay to do sometimes. Soccer starts this week and the days are lighter later so I have a feeling our activity level will skyrocket. I tried a new route yesterday for my walk and this includes a pretty steep incline and I can feel that in my butt today.

Frame of Mind
There is a lot going on currently. I got a call this morning that my father-in-law had to go to the ER for pneumonia. I had some paint issues that revealed we have termites so I need to now plan to tent my house. Our sprinkler system stopped working so I had to have that repaired and currently the gardener is basically redoing the whole system. Our patio overhang roof was leaking so I'll need to have that repaired and the termites taken care of before I can get the paint issue resolved. We just fixed two closet doors, a toilet and our gutter so all of this has happened in the span of a week where I have had crazy PMS. Then I had a silly work issue that caused a bunch of stress. I can say I'm super proud of myself for keeping a level head through all of this. In the past I think I would have had a blow up or a melt down by now.
In the nicest news, I had just found out that my house needed a termite tent when Lisa texted me that The Muppets at Hollywood Bowl tickets were on sale. She's a member and has advanced access to tickets. This is something I desperately wanted to see because I LOVE THE MUPPETS. However, in an effort to be responsible, I told her I had to pass because of the dumb house expenses and I was sad about it. She bought them for me anyway and I could not be more grateful. Naturally I wept because what a way to pay it forward. Now I need to know how I can pay her back since she won't let me give her money. YAY!
Me on the top of the 3rd Street bridge after my steep ass ascent! 


Movie Review

It has been five months, almost to the day, since I have seen anything other than a cartoon in a movie theater. For some reason, my mother got obsessed with the idea of seeing John Wick: Chapter 2 so I had said in passing I would take her. Last weekend, I made good on my promise and Husband and I let her come along on date night and we paid good money to see Keanu Reeves on the big screen. Let all of that soak in for a minute.
If you haven't seen the first John Wick, here is a brief summary: a widower and former hit man (Keanu) has his home robbed, car stolen and his dog murdered so he comes out of retirement to seek vengeance on basically all of the criminal underground in the tri-state area. There is very little dialogue and all kinds of violence. I'll be honest, we watched it at home and I fell asleep halfway through. When I woke up, Husband offered to let me know how it ended and I agreed. "He killed everyone." And that about summed it up.
If the first one did it for you, then the second one is a sure bet. I don't know if the sequel is better, per se, but there was definitely a lot more in the budget for captivating cinematography and exotic locales. There was a bit more dialogue and a lot more brain splatter. I had no idea how jumpy of a human being I had become until I saw this movie in surround sound. I flinched at every gunshot and was exhausted at the end of the two-hour run time. This kind of gratuitous violence just may not be for me. It didn't seem to be for Husband either as he had little to no reaction during the viewing. My mother, however, loved it. Go figure. I'd say this can certainly wait for Netflix but people sure do love this particular film series and the end of the second left things wide open for a third.


Weekend Pics

Friday night, chasing sunsets
 Princess Day at the Zoo (more pictures here)
Man do we have fun with BFF & Company.
Good food, good beer, good games, good times. 
Good friends. I came home drunk and sun burnt.
What else can you ask for on a Sunday?