Weigh In Wednesday

Weight: 206
No loss, no gain. I remember in Weight Watchers they were always totally fine with maintaining so I have to keep that in mind. I've lost 17 pounds in six months for goodness sake. Look at my pants! I'm down 2 pants sizes. Those are 18s that fit this time last year and my 16s are baggy enough that I'm sure 14s would fit if I chose to go shopping. That beer belly is getting smaller. I can SEE my body changing and next week's monthly measurements are sure to show progress.

I feel like this very unflattering candid photo definitely shows I'm smaller

Lifetime Steps: 2,351,326
That's 89,520 since last week which averages out to 12,789 steps a day. I've hit or exceeded my 10k goal every day since Saturday April 15. This weekend I spent a lot of time active: swimming, walks, driving range and trampolines with the kids. Nice to not be super sore after all that.

Frame of Mind
The scale is messing with me. I feel like I move all the time and it's not enough. I guess I could try harder with the calorie counting. I've sort of decided that the fasting in the morning may not be the best bet but not snacking after 7 is something I will stick with. Clearly I need to work in some sit ups or push ups or weight training. I made it M-Th last week without drinking and I'm proud of that. Still not having sugar in my coffee at work. On Friday night I overdid it on pizza and sweets and Saturday night we had Thai dinner; both times I got super sick to my stomach afterward. I definitely had some beer this weekend. Ugh. It's not that fun to always be thinking about this stuff. I need to remember what is motivating me though. I don't want high cholesterol. I don't want to be a fat mom. I don't want to die young because I wasn't taking care of myself. This is not a race, it's a marathon. This is not a diet, it's a lifestyle change. I didn't gain 30 lbs in a week, I gained it over the course of years. I've only really been at this thing for 6 months and I'm doing really well. So there.

Down 7 lbs in 7 weeks


Weekend Pics

 She's never this generous with affection for Daddy Poopy 
(her new pet name for him)
 Who doesn't wear rain boots to the pool? Wee GoGo dancer.
 Date night had us at the driving range. 
 Look at those legs! We hadn't done this in about 7.5 yrs. Good fun.
 Husband took this of me at Tipps Thai and I like it.
 Took the kids to the trampoline spot. Casey sprained his knee within the first 11 minutes. 
Then he hit his tooth with his knee and knocked it loose. Unsuccessful.
Christa has discovered Baby Bel cheese and calls them "Snack-a-lil-finner"


Haiku Friday

Spenser made coffee
Black like my soul and so strong
I'm flying high now
Talkin' 'bout Truck Nutz
And stickers on trucks that say
Gross things like "Balls Deep"
Know who had that though?
My husband did. Balls Deep, guys.
Yeah. No Truck Nutz though.


Weigh In Wednesday

Weight: 206
Down 1.2 since last week and 17 overall. 3 weeks to lose 6+ pounds. I'm not optimistic but if I can get 3 pounds down I'll be stoked with a 20 pound weight loss by 40. I'm on the last notch on one of my new belts and even on that last notch it is too loose. I bought regular old XL shirts instead of the "larger lady" 1X that I'd been buying. Progress is being made and I'll be thrilled when I can fit in 14s because my 16s are loose now.
I've been pretty good with this "fasting" experiment. I don't go crazy with it and if I feel like I can't make it the whole 16 hours between dinner and breakfast, I just eat. Pushing back breakfast until 11 is not terribly hard and I definitely eat less when I make it the full 16 hours. I drink my three cups of coffee with milk (no sugar) in between. I have a sweet after dinner but stop eating at 7 pm. I didn't drink M-W last week which is better than usual. Trying not to drink until Saturday this week. We'll see if I make it though it seems to be easier when Husband is on call because I'm less likely to drink alone. Not drinking beer is boring, by the way. Not a fan. All this water...

Lifetime Steps: 2,261,806
That's 85,179 since last week which averages to 12,168 steps a day. I was 785 shy on Friday but that's okay since I made up for it on Saturday with 14,959 steps. Probably more than that since we were at the beach and I didn't wear my bracelet in the water for an hour or so. I didn't much feel like walking this weekend but after my nap the dogs relentless pawed at me until I walked them. I'm grateful for the additional help and motivation. Tonight starts four weeks of t-ball with Casey. Not sure how actively involved I will be in that practice like I was with soccer but the walk to and from the park will help with increasing my activity level.

Frame of Mind
I am glad this last period is behind me. It was a doozy. I had a panic attack on Monday night and it really messed with me, couldn't sleep... yeah it was bad. I feel like I put that behind me though so I'm relieved. Sometimes my mind reaches some pretty dark places. Grateful to have my husband to keep me in line.
 Down 17 pounds in this one.
Down 4 pounds between these shots.


Super Fun Family Weekend Pics

 Friday date day with Casey having lunch at Chick-fil-A
 Hole-in-One at Golf-n-Stuff
 Casey hit the jackpot! 100 Tickets! 
 Took the kids to the park and had ice cream 
 Achieved peak mom status with this yard sale hat find
 My loves at the beach. I hit the jackpot, too.
 Sis and I did some sticker decorating on our Easter eggs.
I think I took about 20 off my face and arms.
 The finished product
 Handsome husband 
 Harbor Sea lion
 Funny bunnies
 We look like we're going to perform a heist.
Mom put on quite an Easter feast and a great hunt for the kids.


Haiku Friday

Happy Good Friday
Easter sure sneaked up on me
Where are you, bunny?
Chocolate bunnies
And Cadbury Mini Eggs

Creme Eggs are great, too
Can't forget Jesus!
The reason for the season!

Or is that Christmas? 


Weigh In Wednesday

Weight: 207.2
Down .4 since last week, 15.8 overall. This is "still down" but I am getting slightly discouraged. At this rate I will not meet my goal of being under 200 in 4 weeks. I don't want to ditch the goal, but may have to be satisfied if I can just get to 20 lbs total lost by my 40th.

Lifetime Steps: 2,176,627
88,694 since last week which averages 12,671 per day. I've hit or exceeded 10K every day since Sunday March 26. I've really enjoyed listening to podcasts while walking. S-Town, Season 1 of Serial and another good one called In the Dark are all now under my belt. Looking to start a new one.

Frame of Mind
Well, I'm definitely down and I assume it's PMS. I got a very upset stomach last night after dinner and fell asleep on the couch and today I just feel like a  sore, grumpy mess. Yesterday I fought with someone on FB over stupid Sean Spicer and am re-evaluating my relationship with social media. I told Andrea I'll likely deactivate FB after I'm done receiving all my 40th birthday wishes because I want attention and I'm shallow. I've done very little actual reading of books and that is bumming me out. Just a big ol' meh.
In an effort to push through this plateau, I am trying not to drink Monday through Thursday; this is week 2. Last week I only slipped once thanks to a Yolanda's margarita on Wednesday after soccer that I simply couldn't pass up. This week is looking better. I'm not snacking after dinner and that has led to trying something called intermittent fasting. Depending on what I read, it's either great or terrible. Basically, you fast for 16 hours and have 8 hours where you can eat. Monday I only made it 13 but yesterday I did hit 16. I basically don't eat after dinner (7 p.m.) until 11 a.m. the next day. You're not supposed to have anything other than water during the fast but I'm doing it my way and am allowing coffee with milk in it. I am no longer putting sugar in my work week coffee, another big step.
Hopefully these subtle changes mixed with maintaining my walking routine and healthier eating strategy will give me a little better weigh in after my period is done. Allegedly, Aunt Flo should be knocking on the door of my womb any day now. Being a woman is rough with all these hormones and basically worrying about bloating 50% of the time. 1 week of PMS, 1 week of menses and 2 weeks where things are okay. Silliness. Oh, I guess I should add I tried 30 minutes of yoga on Monday night thanks to Amazon Prime and that felt great. I need to do that again. I have slacked a bit on the resistance band because not gonna lie, I don't like it.
Walk Selfie from Monday