Christa Tuesday - 28 Weeks

Big news in Christa's world right now are two teeth popping up, lower front. This means a lot of discomfort and drool and tears. We have become familiar with Motrin this weekend for sure. I also wouldn't rule out a growth spurt as well because her appetite has tripled. She's started eating with her hands so we're trying new things like baby snacks that dissolve in spit and crackers. She can also finish those little Gerber cups like a champ and can eat up to three a day. She's not a fan of me smooshing up actual bananas but she seemed to really dig avocados.
We also tried out this baby backpack thing that is pictured for a longer period of time this weekend. We've been using it around the yard with her facing outward and she seems to really like that. This time, I turned her around, facing me, and we walked out and about at the museum and the surrounding little trails and she never made a peep. She had her first little outdoor picnic there, sitting upright and eating like a big girl. We discovered this weekend that unless she is sleeping, she's not a big fan of the car. Boy oh boy did she cry on the way up to Santa Barbara and on the way back from LA. Not a good time for mom. No, sir.
And in mommy news, I guess my milk supply is basically non-existent all of a sudden. I blame the insane stress I have been under for the past few weeks as well as the lack of sleep. A baby up four times a night does not make for a well-rested mommy. Christa is mainly on formula now and maybe that's not that bad of a deal because truthfully the idea of teeth and nipples does not really appeal to me. I'm stoked we've had this six and a half months of nursing though. We went quite a bit further than Casey and I did. He stopped at three months.


Some Weekend Pics

We were supposed to go up North to visit Christine & Co. for the long weekend but Christa started teething, both kids got colds and a long distance road trip that involved four of us in a hotel room didn't sound like the right idea. Instead, we went to the Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History on Saturday for the Butterflies Alive exhibit. This is just one of so many I took:
Christa is really doing great sitting up like a big girl so we get to take pictures like this and they make me super happy. Look at her, all rugged and ready for nature in her wee cargo pants.
They had this whole area perfect for dress-up and make-believe so Christa was a firefighter. And Husband's arms were stupid big.
We had an impromptu invite to BBQ with BFF & Co. on Sunday. It was a nice, warm day, perfect for backyard pool time and semi-nudity. It's also worth nothing that there was NO TRAFFIC all the way down and I was so, so happy.
Blue icing is not very tidy but sure makes for a cute photo op.
And who can say no to superhero underpants and bubbles? 

Movie Review Monday

I am a super big fan of New Girl so when I saw that Nick Miller and Coach were going to be in a movie together, I told Husband I absolutely wanted to see it. My mom said, as she always does, that Let's Be Cops "didn't get very good reviews." I generally don't pay attention to such things but Husband said on the way there that it only had about a 20% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. At that point, I'll definitely say I was reconsidering. However, Husband and I did a little day drinking so I figured we'd be nice and loose for some dumb funny.
I'll tell you right now, there's dumb funny and there's just plain dumb and I'm afraid this movie falls into the latter category. The only laughs I really got were from the parts I had already seen in the trailers and TV promos. I think this movie could have gone in a totally different direction but it was so cheesy and maybe tried to take itself a little too seriously. The dialogue was borderline terrible. They could have had so much more fun with this premise and unfortunately it just fell flat. After a while I just started to pretend I was watching them on their TV show pretending to be other people but that didn't even really work. Toward the very end there was some pretty good action and genuine tension but it just wasn't enough to save this flop. Bummer.

Haiku Friday Delayed

Took the day off work
Cuz Casey's daycare was closed
And Husband was off
 Casey got a trim
Because "school" starts on Tuesday
Then went to Gaga's
Mom and Dad went out
And we got our day drink on
And saw a movie


Christa Tuesday - 27 Weeks

Christa had her six-month checkup yesterday and it went really well. She is 26-1/2" long (73%) and weighs 15 pounds 13 ounces (42%) with a head circumference of 16-3/4" (56%). She got her shots and only cried for a very short while. The doctor did a urine sample and it wasn't "perfect" so I get to bring her back next week and try again. I guess girls have more going on downstairs than boys do so she wanted to rule out a UTI although she didn't seem overly concerned. We did see the beginning of a tooth in the lower left gum region that the doctor thinks may poke through within the week.
Miss Christa has a little bit of a cold right now with some sneezing and boogers so she hasn't been sleeping so great. Over the weekend she was up every couple hours and on Sunday night I decided to let her "cry it out" and not give her the boob to get her to go back to sleep. It was a rough half hour and the chupie had to come into play as did some back rubbing but she managed to go down for a solid 6 hours afterward so that's that. She's at the age where she doesn't need middle of the night feedings so this is what we must do. I'm a mean mommy.
On Saturday I put Christa on her blankie (she's long outgrown her wee mat with danglies) in front of the TV while I was doing a few things in preparation for Casey's party. I was gone a few minutes and came back to find her clear across the room. I immediately asked Casey if he moved her and although he denied it, I was convinced he did and he got sent to his room. Husband and I were with her and she proceeded to roll across the room so mommy owed Casey an apology and now realizes her little girl is on the move. Maria brought her a little walker thing and she is just trotting right along Maria's hardwood floors. I fear the future with a mobile baby friend.


Miscellaneous Birthday Fun Tymz Weekend Pics

 Casey's Lego Master Yoda Cake
 My baby daddy making crack-wings
Me & My Baby Friend, Christa tooty booty
 I'm taking the picture so that makes for four generations
 You know your party rocked when the night ends with post-bath naked bounce house time.
Christa reaping the benefits of her big brother's birthday
The Friday children looking super gangsta
Casey with Life-Sized Darth courtesy of BFF & Co. on his actual birthday.


Casey Will Be 4 Haiku Friday

 Just a few days old
With a cute little pucker
Just like his daddy
 A year just flew by
Curls to spare on his wee head
The best toes in town
And then he was two
And obsessed with Pixar's Cars
Brought them everywhere
Where'd my baby go?
Three years old and a big boy
A mind of his own
Sunday he'll be four
And on his way to Pre-K
A great big brother