Summer Haiku Friday

First week of summer
Kicked off with a Dodger game
Not too shabby, right?
 Christa seems just fine
With her big brother at camp
And Casey digs camp
Life just feels real good
Dig my kids and dig my job
Dig my husband too


Happy Accidents

When BFF and I were in high school, we used to talk a lot about ol' Bob Ross. He didn't make mistakes, he made happy accidents. He didn't just draw a cloud or a bush, they were happy little clouds and bushes. If my memory serves me, we would talk about happy little butts. Either way, good ol' Bob Ross is on Netflix now and I can honestly say very few shows bring the meditative relaxation like he does. Last night, Husband worked late and I had the remote control all to myself and I watched him paint two paintings in the span of an hour. And I smiled a lot. He has some squirrels he rescued and he is nurturing them until they are ready to be released back into nature. He talks about them sometimes when he paints and cuts away to video of them, too. Like to hear about them? Here it goes. Last night's squirrel friend was named Pea Pod. According to ol' Bob Ross, Pea Pod just wants to live in his pocket. After he gets some milk and his happy little tummy is nice and full, he just turns into the laziest little rascal. You're welcome.


Go, Doyers!

Before I left my old job, a vendor of mine was nice enough to give me tickets to last night's Dodgers game with access to the Stadium Club. We left early on the hottest day of recent history and decided to have some "road sodas." By the time we got to the stadium, many a beer had disappeared. We were polishing off the last of them, when I thought it would be a good idea to dump the ice out of the cooler. Minutes had passed when two bike cops rolled up to tell us we could get ejected for tailgating. We had to hand over our tickets and our IDs and hope for the best. They were kind enough to not kick us out and let us go with a warning after we poured out the last of the beers. Because my brother is the man he is he said to the officer, "Hey so just to be clear was it the ice that gave it away?" And of course it was. Because I have no idea how to be slick or sly or subtle or how to break rules. Way to go, Randi. Super stoked the cop could confirm all that.

 Everyone and their mother was already enjoying the AC so there were no indoor seats available. We sat in the shade at least but it was still 97 degrees.
 Watching Kershaw pitch at field level was amazing. Not gonna lie.
 Saw the lights of the Goodyear blimp and it read Ice Cube's a pimp.
So hot, you guys. Hot, hot, hot. Not pictured here? The armless man to the right of Husband. He did have a weird little claw, though, he could hold his keys with. Yup.


Father's Day Pics

My brother set up the motor home at the rincon yesterday so we all went out and had a picnic and probably one too many beers and frolicked in the sand and sea. Naturally we all forgot we were white people so the Fridays are a bit pink today but it was well worth it. A great time was had.
 My brother, the fisherman.
 Christa LOVES Ethan and I think he digs her most.
 Bathing beauty.
 That's me and the girl out there with Lici and Auntie Frances
And at the end of the day we recreated a picture we'd taken three years prior, my dad's last Father's Day. Kind of looks like the girls were leaving a space for their Papa if you ask me. He'd be so proud to see how great his grandchildren are becoming. Love my family.


Happy Father's Day

Be sure to kiss and hug and thank and celebrate a dad today.


Big Day Haiku Friday

Just five years ago
We moved into our wee house
The day grandpa died
The last day of school
For Mr. Casey Douglas
Bye, Kindergarten! 
Summer vacation
Christa at Maria's house
And Casey at Camp


Smarty Pants Dance

 This is Casey's best school friend, Dylan. Wee blond haired, blue eyed cuties.
 Today I volunteered at his class picnic and I helped with stilts.
 Those kids are fun. I'm glad I went.
 This here is Sydney. She was born hours before Casey in the same hospital. Her mom, Christine Mom Jeans, was a friend of mine before we got knocked up and sort of drifted apart. She and I hung out for a bit today and it was nice and fun and I hope we do it again.
 These kiddos in his class are all so cute. 
And I just could not be more proud of my son for receiving a math award to close out his Kindergarten year. He'd been awarded two citizenship awards this year but I like to know he's a smarty pants, too, despite the fact that I see him do his homework and he can read all the things without prompting these days. Boy, time flies.