Weekend Pics

Flickr has been updated because I took lots of actual camera photos recently!
 Got some time with my niece and nephew.
 We threw my mom a 70th birthday party and it was a success! 
 Photo credit: BFF
 Photo credit: Ang
And just the puppies.
This weekend was so frickin' busy. I cooked and meal prepped for hours and hours. I ran around in high heels and played hostess. I didn't get enough time to visit with everyone as much as I wanted to. I passed the heck out yesterday afternoon for about three hours with Christa because I can't remember the last time I got a decent night's sleep stressing over the party. It was a great weekend but I'm glad it's over. Looking forward to seeing Christine soon. Going to a football party to celebrate Babe turning 40. Thanksgiving. Yeah. It's a good time to be alive.


Haiku Friday

Half days all week long
Extra time with my kiddos
Mostly good, some bad
We got a lot done
Mostly we ran some errands
A McDonald's lunch
Rest and word searches
Some haircuts and a conference
Stay at home mom style


Thor: Ragnarok

Everyone! Hide your surprise! The Fridays went to yet another superhero movie! If it's not animated, it should be seems to be our motto when it comes to movie going. We've been waiting for Thor: Ragnarok to come out for some time so this was actually quite exciting for the whole family, Gaga included. I was so happy to hear so many good things about it before we went so I will admit, my expectations were high going in. I was not disappointed. It is probably the funniest movie I have seen in a while. It's refreshing when a movie doesn't take itself so seriously and that's why I like the Marvel Universe so much.
I'm not sure how to review this one other than to say we laughed a lot, got pumped about the fight scenes and the over two-hour running time went by like a flash. The cast and the characters were all just so great. Christa and I fell quite in love with Korg and super hated Cate Blanchett as Hela. She's a fantastic bad guy. Edris Elba is so handsome. Jeff Goldblum is perfection. Tom Hiddleston is such a charming son of a gun and so easy on the eyes. Mama didn't mind a shirtless, short-haired Thor. I can tell you that much. So yeah! Win win for the whole family. I definitely recommend.

Just a brief sidebar here: Husband and I recently watched The Big Sick after I bought it on DVD and watched it gather dust for like a month and a half on my shelf. I laughed and cried and fell in love. Even though it was a rom-com, Husband also really enjoyed it. It's definitely worthy of all the accolades and I urge you to watch it. Plus, there is a cameo by Bo Burnham and if you get a moment, I also want to strongly recommend his special, Make Happy on Netflix. He's just a genius and I want to share him because he is not only funny, but insanely talented.


Weigh In Wednesday

Weight: 198.4
Up .8 since last week but still down 24.6 overall. Last night we celebrated my mom's birthday at China Square so we ate like we'd never seen food before and topped it off with cake. And you know Tony wasn't going to let us out of there without at least 6 bottles of Taiwan beer going down the hatches. That's how we do but to have a weigh in the next morning is sort of brutal. I have three Blue Aprons ready to go and we'll try to close out the week without drinking the next couple days. I am not doing salads this week because I'm running around with the kids and decided a break would be good for me. I get bored with the same damn breakfast and lunch every day, not gonna lie.

Lifetime Steps: 4,700,343
79,133 since last week which averages to 11,305 steps a day. I was short 4,663 steps on Sunday because we went to see Thor and that was about three hours on my butt and then afterward I had to sort through old pictures at my mom's for her party on Saturday and that was another two hours on my butt. Honestly, I'm not even upset about it. I even went home and sat on my butt again to do word search puzzles from the book Casey got me at a garage sale. I'm 40 and this is what I do now. Word search puzzles.
Last week was several days of gym attendance and I'm getting used to it. I miss being outside but the treadmill is neat because I can do random inclines and adjust the speed so the workout can be mixed up a bit. I tried jogging for five minute stretches of time and that felt real good. Not sure if I'll ever build up the confidence to try any weight lifting but it's an option too. I will say this, I sweat more in the gym than I ever did walking outside so I had to buy new gym clothes lest I risk smelling like a musty old hamper. I'm going to have to post a shot in my new short-shorts. This week I've had no time for gym or walks because I'm doing half days with the kids and running errands for the party but I did manage to get 10k two days in a row regardless so I'm feeling pretty good about my activity level.

Frame of Mind
Saturday is the 4-year anniversary of my dad passing away so that pops up here and there and I get sort of overwhelmed by grief. Luckily I'm keeping busy and distracted with the party planning and general housekeeping and watching the kids this week. Z'Germans arrived and were at dinner last night. It's been about six months or more since they were here last and when they saw Husband and me in person and they were sort of blown away by our weight loss. That felt really nice. I'm flattered when people say stuff about how much different and better we look but also it kind of is uncomfortable because your mind wanders to how badly you let yourself go. Hub kept mentioning my face being thinner and I feel like I was already a bit self-conscious about my fat face so I laughed it off before I fell into a shame spiral. Anyway, it's just weird to be asked what we eat and how we exercise because it's just so boring and I always feel weird about focusing on weight. I had to buy a new outfit on Monday and it feels so nice to just grab something off the hanger and know it will fit and not have to wonder if rolls or what have you are exposed. I am anxious to getting back to being very dedicated so I can shed some more but with the holidays coming, I just don't know how things will go. Hopefully the gym will produce results.


Happy 70th Mom

As a baby with my Gran
 I assume 1st Communion
 Those creeps in the background
 Working Woman
 I hope she burned that thing!
 Like honestly? Look out Cindy Crawford.
Me and Mom
It wasn't always gorgeous but it was a lot of fun!


Weekend Pics

I put a lot of hike pics on flickr but I think I had my settings wrong the whole time so they're not great. Oh well.
 Watch out, McDonald's, Husband made this with venison sausage
 Family photo on the trail 
 Bart's Books in Ojai, first time but not the last time there.
 We had lots of play dates this weekend!
 Then we went to the movies.
I'll say more later but Thor Ragnarok was AWESOME.


Throwback Thursday

I love apps that tell you what you were doing this time however many years ago or what have you because I have a terrible memory. I get reminders from Shutterfly and Google Photos and Facebook.

November 9, 2013 - Facebook's "On This Day"

My dad is awake. His eyes are open. He said he loved me. BEST. DAY. EVER. Miracles do happen.

I may be crying at my desk. How has it been this long? Almost four years without my daddy. Without my best friend. My confidant. My inspiration. My mentor. Every time I see a Monarch butterfly I say hello to him. Every time Isn't She Lovely comes on the radio, I go right back to my wedding day. This whole thing with the Dodgers in the World Series just screamed in my face that he was not there with me to cuss them out and over-enthusiastically cheer them on.

Hug your dad if you can. Call him on the phone. Tell him you love him.